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The SCARI Program is a suite of mobile applications (Android & iOS) that inventory a variety of Roadway WCC attributes. The various mobile applications can operate independently or together as a complete system.

The data collected by the SCARI Mobile Applications is all stored, analyzed, and displayed within a secure online dashboard.

The WCC inventory and ranked data system is all housed within an interactive dashboard where roadway tenure owners can view and inspect all their WCC’s at the desktop level. Basic analysis and reporting can be completed from this dashboard.

Mobile Application
The SCARI program consists of six separate mobile applications and databases that allow the roadway owner to inventory and assesses any form of watercourse crossing or stream environment that may require management.
Designed for assessing a WCC and collecting a complete data set that is compliant with all regulatory and customized operational criteria. This process will establish the risk for any Watercourse Crossing. Fulfills all Government of Alberta regulatory requirements.
Designed to inventory basic information of new, repaired, or reclaimed crossings. This is considered a citizen science level of inventory work and can be used by untrained surveyors to report on completed works, to report on high-risk sites located when in the field, or to conduct a basic locational and photographic inventory.
SCARI Restoration
Designed to assess a WCC once it has been restored. This will allow a before and after comparison to being made at the dashboard level.
SCARI Bridge
SCARI Bridge is designed to fulfill the regulatory requirement for inspections of bridge structures in accordance with both the RWCIP and also the Transportation requirements.
SCARI Maintenance
Designed to manage an ongoing watercourse crossing Maintenance Program. Allows road owners to track maintenance of crossings that have serious concerns.
SCARI Thermal
A custom-made SCARI dBase for WCC’s located on Thermal or SAGD Plant Site Facilities that often operate under increased federal and provincial regulatory guidelines.