About Us

SCARI is designed and managed by Woodlands North IncWoodlands is the largest service provider of roadway watercourse crossing inspections in Alberta, with over 17,500 inspections performed since 2013. A comprehensive data management system was developed by Woodlands to allow clients to collect, store, and access crossing data to be compliant with provincial inspection and reporting requirements. The system is comprised of three android application (SCARI, SCARI Lite and SCARI Pipe) used to perform required inspections in the field. At any time, clients can view their data online through the SCARI website and its interactive client dashboard.

Woodlands North is recognized as a safety leader and provides services efficiently and on time. Within the forest and energy sectors we have specialized knowledge and personnel experienced in resource inventory, forest ecology, and ecological restoration. Our operational fieldwork is further supported by geospatial modelers and applied ecologists who provide a scientific basis for operations and give clear solutions to problems faced by resource managers. The ability to predicatively model resource outputs and spatially design field work has changed the way operational work  is completed.

Woodlands North employs professional foresters, biologists, technicians, geomatics specialists, and Project Mangers. Our field crews, supervisors, and managers are our greatest asset. Woodlands North strives to attract the leaders of today and tomorrow and ensure they are employed in a safe, diverse, and professionally challenging environment. We employ strong mentoring methods to enable individuals to develop their skill sets at an appropriate pace. It is the people that make Woodlands North what it is today.