About Us

SCARI is designed and managed by Woodlands North Inc.  Woodlands is a professional consulting firm that was established in 2000, Woodlands has offices in Edmonton, Whitecourt, and Grande Prairie, Alberta and operates throughout the province. Currently, the SCARI database and dashboard have over 22,000 roadway watercourse crossing inspections which have been performed since 2013. The SCARI data management system was developed by Woodlands to allow clients to collect, store, query and access crossing data to be compliant with provincial inspection and reporting requirements. The system is comprised of seven mobile applications (Android and iOS) and is used to perform required inspections in the field. At any time, clients can view their data online through the SCARI website and its interactive client dashboard. The ability to predictively model resource outputs and spatially design fieldwork has changed the way operational work is completed.

Woodlands North employs professional foresters, biologists, technicians, geomatics specialists, and Project Mangers.  It is the people that make Woodlands North what it is today. Our operational fieldwork is further supported by geospatial modellers and applied ecologists who provide a scientific basis for operations and give clear solutions to problems faced by resource managers.